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Basic 10 Oils Kit - Large Price: $29.95
Purple - large kit $29.95
Black - large kit $29.95
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We are offering these kits to help folks that may not have access to a large complement of essential oils. This could include travelers, missionaries or those new to essential oils. Because of the compactness these are also handy for emergency preparedness kits.

Essential oils companies often offer a kit of 10 basic essential oils and blends that are selected for the most common needs. We have then compiled a little booklet that we call The 10 Oils Booklet that gives information on various health concerns and only references these basic 10 oils and blends. It includes which of these 10 basic oils can be used and how to apply them for the various health concerns. It is written without any special terms so those new to using essential oils can understand the application techniques. The kits below are to provide you with the perfect complement of other items you need when you purchase the 10 basic essential oils.

These large kits hold up to 16 essential oils bottle, either 5ml or 15ml. Some will want to buy the essential oil kit that has 5ml bottles. Other's will prefer to buy these oils individually in the larger 15ml bottles. Either will fit. Since the 10 basic essential oils and blends only take up 10 of the available slot the other six slots can be used for other "favorite" essential oils or blends or the space may be used for other items the users feels important. Other items such as empty capsules or inhalers. We also include 2 empty 15ml bottles that we suggest be filled with Fractionated Coconut Oils (or another carrier oil) since many applications suggest this be used with the essential oils. The booklet is also included and will fit in the case. This case is available in black or purple.

(Note: These kits do NOT include the essential oils, they must be purchased separately.)